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by | August 10, 2016

The International Oral History Association held its biennial conference at Bangalore, India in May 2016. These reports from The Indian Express make very interesting reading.

A Conference overview can be read here

Day 1     Highlights - engaging Master Classes on the morning of the first day were followed by the Inaugural Ceremony with the illuminating keynote address being given by Dr Meghna Guhathakurta - "The persistence of memories and the radicalisation of action: Oral History in transformation in Bangladesh" drew focus on negotiating changes in identity and nation building brought about by social transformation through oral histories and how its change reflects in collective and individual memories.

Day 2  Highlights - papers were very wide ranging from engagements with nations, borders and refugees to war memories and how to present the 'archive' in various forms and mediums.

Day 3  Highlights - parallel sessions brought to the fore marginal voices, stories of people silenced, narratives and counter narratives.

Day 4   Highlights - the last day of panels included papers on the theory and practice of oral history, the creation and maintenance of knowledge systems through orality and the fragile nature of oral testimonies were discussed.

Day 5   Closing plenary "The Dialogue between Oral History and History : Convergences and Divergences. The conference thus ended on an interrogative mode with emphasis being laid on looking within the discipline itself towards new approaches and tools to accommodate a rapidly changing world.


The Conference was followed by a General Assembly of the International Oral History Association to elect office bearers.   Dr Sue Anderson, President of Oral History Australia was elected the Oceania representative.   The next IOHA Conference will be held in 2018.