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MISSING: Request for missing tapes

by | August 1, 2019

We have received a request from an individual who is hoping to track down life history recordings that may have found their way into an archive.
Please see below, the request from Ross Lander who can be contacted at lander.ross@gmail.com.

I am writing in hope, but with very little expectation.  In around 1971 or 72 my brother sat with our grandmother to record what he could of her memories of life and family. In 1975 my brother died and we lost any track of the recordings. 

It has been our improbable hope that the tapes found their way into an archive, probably in SA or Vic (less chance WA). Before we abandon our last grain of hope, can you suggest any avenues we might explore to recover what appears to be permanently lost?

The content would include information on life in the Copper Triangle from the 1870s or 80s, the Kalgoorlie/Coolgardie goldfields (1890s into the first years of the C20), the timber town of Kirup and then something of Perth. 
The information would have concentrated around three families (Lander, Arthur and Pannan) and while not famous they were tangentially connected to some important phases in history. A Pannan dispute influenced land law in SA, a Lander was one of those standing for preselection against John Verran. There would be stories about little known racial tensions in Kalgoorlie (anti-Greek/Slav) and the southwest (anti-Italian). I would expect there to be information related to the Methodists influence on Australian trade unionism. 

There are a number of people I know and know of who are connected to these stories and would be invested in the information contained.

Thank you for listening and best wishes.
Ross Lander