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by | November 21, 2016

Contributions are invited from Australia and overseas for publication in

Oral History Australia Journal No. 39, 2017

‘Moving memories: oral history in a global world’

Contributions are invited in the following three categories:  A, B and C


Papers on the themes of the Biennial National Conference to be held in Sydney
in September 2017 ‘Moving Memories - Oral Histories in a
Global World.’ Themes are:

  •  Migration
  •  Journeys and pilgrimage
  •  Contested memories across cultures in local communities
  •  Sensory memories
  •  Oral history and emotions
  •  Movement across and within borders
  •  Mobile apps and podcasts for oral histories
  •  Oral history as listening
  •  Digital technology in a global world
  •  Place and belonging

Word limit: 5,500 words
Deadline for Category A submissions (not peer reviewed): 1 April 2017


Papers in Category A may be submitted to the Oral History Australia Editorial Board for peer-review. However, please note:

  • Papers for peer-review must demonstrate a high standard of scholarship, and reflect a sound     appreciation of current and historical issues on the topics discussed.
  • Before being submitted for peer-review, papers will first be assessed for suitability by the Editorial Board. Authors will be advised of the recommendations made by the Chair of the Board.

Word limit: 5,500 words
Deadline for Category A submissions for peer-review: 28 Feb 2017

Papers for peer-review may be submitted at any time; however, if not received by the Editorial Board by the deadline for submissions of 28 February 2017, they may not be processed in time for publication in the 2017 issue of the Journal.  Furthermore, regardless of when offers are forwarded to the Board, no guarantee of publication can be given, due to availability and time constraints of reviewers.
Forward papers for peer-review to:
Dr Ariella van Luyn, Chair, Oral History Australia Editorial Board
Email: Ariella.vanLuyn@jcu.edu.au, mobile: 0401 925 228.


Articles/project reports describing specific projects or conference reports, the
information gained through them, and principal outcomes or practice issues
identified in the process.

Word limit: 4,000 words
Deadline for Category B submissions: 1 April 2017

Forward to: Dr Sue Anderson, Editor, Oral History Australia Journal,
Email: Sue.Anderson@unisa.edu.au


Reviews of books and other publications from Australia or elsewhere that are of interest to the oral history community: may include reviews of static or internet available exhibitions, or any projects presented for a public audience.

Word limit: 1,500 words
Deadline for Category C submissions: 1 April 2017

Forward to: Dr Jayne Persian, Reviews Editor, Oral History Australia Journal,
Email: Jayne.Persian@usq.edu.au.


Accompanying Materials

Photographs, drawings and other illustrations are particularly welcome, and may be offered for any of the above categories of contribution. Please obtain written permission from image owners and make every endeavour to ascertain the name of the photographer.

For all contributions, see the OHA 2017 Journal’s Style Guide   Download here

This Call for Papers for the 2017 OHA Journal 2017 may be download here