Membership of your state Oral History Association entitles you to:

  • Advance notice of workshops, meetings and conferences
  • Discount on Biennial National Oral History Australia Conference
  • Discounts on the Oral History Handbook
  • Several issues a year of State Oral History Association newsletters
  • A copy of the annual national Oral History Australia Journal
  • Hire of equipment (in some states)

Membership subscriptions

Individuals                                                                              $40.00
Households   $50.00
Institutions   $65.00
Concession - student, unemployed, pensioners    $30.00

Contact your State Oral History Association for a membership form

Overseas subscriptions

Overseas institutions can receive a copy of the Oral History Association of Australia Journal by paying a subscription of A$40
which covers postage and handling. Enquiries: 

Oral History Australia Honorary Life Members

Year State Name  Citation where available
1979 WA John Thomson  
1981 WA Jean Teasdale (b1928 - d2002) Journal No.22 p.133; 2003 No.25 p.112
1987 WA Mollie Lukis Journal No.9 p. 158 – notation in WA President report
1989 WA Margaret Medcalfe Journal No.20 p. 81 - citation
1995 WA Dr Ronda Jamieson Journal No.8 p. 103 - citation
1997 WA Heather Campbell Journal No.20 p. 81 – citation
1997 NSW Margaret Reid Voiceprint No.15 March 1998 P.29 - citation
1999 NSW Louise Douglas Journal No.22 p.137 – citation
1999 SA Dr Susan Marsden Journal No.22 p.136 - citation
1999 SA Dr Joan Durdin Journal No.22 p.135 – citation
1999 VIC Wendy Lowenstein (b1927-d2006) Journal No.22 p.137 – citation & No.29 p.93 - vale
1999 VIC Richard Curlewis Journal No.22 p.137 - citation
2001 NSW Ros Bowden Voiceprint No.25 October 2001 p4-5  citation
2001 NSW Tim Bowden Voiceprint No.25 October 2001 p5-6  citation
2001 SA Beth Robertson  
2003 WA Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Bolton AO Journal No.26 p.76 - citation
2003 NSW Judy Wing    (b1928-d2015) Journal No.26 p.77 – citation
2003 NSW Richard Raxworthy (b1932-d2003) Journal No.26 p.76 - citation
2007 NSW Rosie Block Journal No.30 p.82 – citation
2007 QLD Leslie Jenkins JournalNo.30 p.83 – citation
2007 SA Francis Good Journal No.30 p.84 – citation
2007 WA Pat Grimoldby Journal No.30 p.85 – citation
2007 WA Marolyn Hamilton Journal No.30 p.85 – citation
2009 NSW Janis Wilton Journal No.32 p.85 – citation
2009 WA Bill Bunbury Journal No.32 p.86 – citation
2009 QLD Suzanne Mulligan Journal No.32 p.87 – citation
2011 NSW Joyce Cribb Journal No.34 p.85 - citation
2011 NSW Diana Ritch

Journal No.34 p.86 - citation

2013 WA Jan McCahon Marshall

Journal No.36 p.103 - citation

2013 VIC Gwladys McLachlan

2013 AGM Minutes  Oral History Victoria - citation

2014 NSW Nan Manefield  (b1925-d2014)

Voiceprint No.50 April 2014

2015 SA/NT Allison Murchie

Read citation here